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Do you ever find something that makes you think, “How did I not know this existed?”  Maybe a website that is just so spectacular that you spend and afternoon looking at every single thing on the page?  Maybe a site for a store where you browse every sing item offered?

I had one of those moments today when I discovered Ruche.  Do you know Ruche?  If not, please allow me to introduce you.

Ruche is “a modern boutique with a vintage touch.”  You can find awesome clothes (they even have non frumpy plus sizes), shoes, jewelry, purses and home and office accessories.  Let me share with you some of my favorites.

First up Jewelry

next stop clothes and purses

Check it out for yourselves.  Go to Ruche. And my plus size ladies, some of those clothing items above are indeed plus.  Cute, right?


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You are all about to love me.  So now that I am faking crafty, I am on the hunt for some furniture pieces on the cheap.  A dresser, and some dining room chairs that I could repaint and cover in some fun fabric are at the top of my list.

Then I learned something that changed my life.  When you are hunting on craigslist mainly by pictures, there is a great way to do it.  It sounds complicated and I can’t understand how it works, but it only takes a minute to do and then you can view all pictures on one page and click for more info if you want.

How you ask? Craigseasy.com!

Two simple steps.

1-Get the easy button. Drag and drop the “easy” button into your bookmarks bar.

2-Use it!  SEARCH Craigslist® or your favorite classifieds website, THEN hit the bookmarklet.

Check it out with a video tutorial (if you need it) at Craigseasy.com

There you have it.  Craigslist made easy!

Now those of you in my area, don’t go snatching up the great furniture now that you know this gem of a tip!

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