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I did it.  Finally did it.  I sucked it up, gathered all my shoes from three rooms throughout the house and lined them up in my living room.  This is the result.  Don’t mind Milo, he loves shoes too.  And yes, I do need lessons on how to properly use my fancy camera.  Any volunteers?

I started out with the goal of arranging them by style and color in pretty little lines.  I quickly started to have a mini panic attack.  Facing your demons head on is not easy my friends.  Laying out my addiction for all to see was overwhelming.  Admitting I may have a few too many pairs of shoes may not seem like a big deal to many, but it was a huge deal for me.  I may have gotten a little emotional and muttered things like “don’t judge me” and “I don’t want to get rid of my friends, we have such memories” and “stop staring at me with your mouth open, you married me!” to my incredulous husband.  Not to mention bending to pick up each pair of shoes and put them down and move them around and then bending to pick them back up and bending to put them back down meant I did several hundred squats.  Sad to say that my thighs still hurt from it days later.

So, you want to  know the magic number?  The magic number is….

117 pairs

Yes, my friends, I own 117 pairs of shoes, or 234 individual shoes.  And I love them all.  Each and every pair.  They may not all be stylish and they may not all be comfortable, but they are mine.  They carried me to events, vacations, bumming around, to work, to school, on dates with my boyfriend who later became my husband and the father of the world’s most adorable baby girl.  They are there with me through weddings, birthdays, and funerals and one lucky pair got to walk right along next to my girl as she took her first steps.  So yes, I have a lot of shoes and yes, I will get rid of some of them.  But know that nothing about this process is easy.  But I trudge on wearing one of my fabulous 117 pairs of shoes.


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