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Hello to Rachel’s pretties!  It is I, Rachel’s husband Dane.  I think my blog is listed somewhere in the blogroll – check it out!  ::shameless plug::

So, yesterday, Rachel shared her dirty secret with you regarding her 117 pairs of shoes (she almost bought another pair today FYI), so I thought I would share my dirty secret as well!  I just thought it would be a little bit of fun to come on here and show everyone a pair of my shoes since Rachel has been running through her shoes as well.  This is all in good-spirited fun (hopefully, Rachel will think this is as funny as I do when she wakes up in the morning).

So, without further delay, I offer you one of the pairs of shoes I wear the most!

Aerial View of My Dirty Little Secret



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Hello My Pretties.  I know it has been far too long.  A lot has happened since we last met up.  My baby girl is a big one year old, and my Grandma is recovering from surgery to fix three fractures in her back.  I had to go on a hiatius to take care of my family.  I hope you have all been well.

And now I would like to file something under “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”  When I was pregnant I used the What to Expect When You Are Expecting App on my phone.  It always told me how big my baby was that week based on a fruit or vegetable.  I remember fondly referring to Lily as my little sweet potato.

Carolee Beckham is currently expecting a baby and is doing a photo shoot that captures that idea perfectly.  She takes a photo of herself holding a piece of fruit that represents the size of her baby that week.  I wish I had thought of that!  She couldn’t be any cuter!

You can follow her pregnancy blog here.

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