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Hi Pretties.  Looking for something easy and lovey for Valentine’s Day?  How about thisValentine’s Day Print.  You can go here and The Fickle Pickle has been lovely enough to provide a print that you can frame.  Pretty!


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Hello my pretties.  Sorry if posting is currently sporadic.  We are dealing with one sick baby and it looks like Momma and Papa might be coming down with it as well.  Not to mention we are less than two weeks away from baby girl’s first birthday.  And the day after her birthday is her big party.  Lots of preparation underway.

Among all of this craziness though, I have continued my quest of finding pretty.  Next on my list.

I am going to turn this

into this

Thanks to the The Idea Room for the great inspiration!  Stay tuned to see how I do!

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You are all about to love me.  So now that I am faking crafty, I am on the hunt for some furniture pieces on the cheap.  A dresser, and some dining room chairs that I could repaint and cover in some fun fabric are at the top of my list.

Then I learned something that changed my life.  When you are hunting on craigslist mainly by pictures, there is a great way to do it.  It sounds complicated and I can’t understand how it works, but it only takes a minute to do and then you can view all pictures on one page and click for more info if you want.

How you ask? Craigseasy.com!

Two simple steps.

1-Get the easy button. Drag and drop the “easy” button into your bookmarks bar.

2-Use it!  SEARCH Craigslist® or your favorite classifieds website, THEN hit the bookmarklet.

Check it out with a video tutorial (if you need it) at Craigseasy.com

There you have it.  Craigslist made easy!

Now those of you in my area, don’t go snatching up the great furniture now that you know this gem of a tip!

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Hello my pretties!  I made a new blog header.  What do you think?  I think I am still loving the Quatrefoil!  I am glad to see so many of you tuned in for my tutorial on my basement bench cushions.

Maybe I will post a tutorial on some of my other projects.  Maybe the custom art for Lily’s room, the hair clips I made, or I can post one when I make my pillows to match the cushions.  I am considering posting a picture of my crazy out of control pantry to force myself to take the first step and admit that it is out of control.  I am kind of on a roll.

Stay tuned to see what will be next!

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Hello my pretties!  I hope you have been well.  I am so excited to share with you the updates in my basement.  In the corner of my basement there are built in benches that have been screaming for attention.  I set to work with a plan and enlisted my husband and dogs to help out.  And now I shall reveal the results and give a brief tutorial.

First the boring, cluttered before.  Notice the back shelf filled with all kinds of junk?

Want to see the amazing transformation with a quick how to?  Click for more.


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Where have I been you may wonder?  Well, I have been up to my eyeballs in projects.  Blogging has inspired me to no end.  Perusing through the posts of fellow bloggers has given me not only the courage but also an abundance of ideas and inspiration.

Here is a preview of what I have been up to.  A no sew bench cover, framed art for above said bench, basement cleaning, home made (and adorable) hair clips, and super awesome (an not super expensive!) custom art for my baby girls room.  If you are interested let me know and I will post a tutorial of how a particular project was done.  Otherwise expect pictures soon!  Pretty much all of my ideas were inspired by fellow bloggers so I will give credit where credit is due.

Yes, I made my still bald, almost one year old daughter hair clips.  Don’t judge me.  Thanks Jones Design Company for showing me just how easy this was.  Look how adorable!

Honey We’re Home has inspired many of my projects.  I have two built in benches in my basement that have been just screaming for some type of fabric cover.

Honey We’re Home showcased her mud room and it had exactly what I was thinking of making.  Thus my inspiration and the start of my basement redo.

Next up? Pillows for my new awesomely covered benches, as well as a pantry (my dirty little secret) and hall closet clean out.  Maybe I will post a pic of my dirty little secret.

Also, Maple & Magnolia‘s blog has me itching to find a cruddy looking old dresser that will fit well in our bedroom and refinish it.  Just look at the gorgeous before and after dresser she did.

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Hi my pretties.  So, this weekend I finally did it.  Inspired by the many design blogs I have been visiting (no one warned me just how addictive they are!) I was inspired to start my first DIY design project.  This is outside of the typical projects one undertakes when moving into a new house (paint, placing furniture etc. type of project).  My husband and I are halfway through creating upholstered no sew bench cushions for built in cabinets in our basement.  I am completely in love with them and pictures will follow in a later post.

But for now, I must share my new design inspiration.  Let’s refresh.  I have always loved fleur des lis and recently I have been going through an owl phase.  Now I shall add to that…drum roll please….the QUATREFOIL!! I wish I had waited just a week longer to find a quatrefoil patterned fabric for our new bench covers.  What is quatrefoil, you ask? Quatrefoil means “four leaves” and in design often looks like this.

I am considering doing a stencil on my Parisian blue bathroom wall in this stencil

Above stencil available from Designer Stencils

Here are a few quatrefoil design elements that I just adore.  I am a big fan of the green and white combination.

quatrefoil alexandra side chair :: suzanne kasler’s collection for hickory chair

I love the quatrefroil design on the these rugs formerly sold at Ballard’s.  I am particularly fond of the green and gray.

Also love these tini tables by Oomph available in a variety of colors.  Can you guess which I like best?

Clover Mirrored Tray Table in Red available at The Well Appointed House.

Asilah Chandelier from Ironies.

Quatrefoil Chandelier Shade also available from Ballard.

Image above and below two random images of quatrefoil style elements I particularly enjoy.

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