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People who know me may be surprised how into fashion I actually am.  I tend to keep it to myself.  However, that does not stop me from dreaming about the fabulous (and incredibly expensive) things I would prance around in if I were a wealthy size two.  Yes, prance.  Because if I were a size two, I would do nothing but prance.

With that said.  Here is what the wealthy size to version of myself would wear this holiday.

Option One:

For Christmas, option one is this dress with these shoes.

Above Alice + Olivia “Joey” Peplum Dress $367 at Bloomingdales, shoes by Elie Tahari on sale for $159.20 also available at Bloomingdales.

Option Two:


Another lovely option

Above dress by Aqua $168 at Bloomingdales, shoes by Badgley Mischka $200 also at Bloomingdales

I would ring in the New Year in one of these dresses.


Aren't they lovely?

From Left to Right: Lauren by Ralph Lauren $220 at Bloomingdales,  Dior Silk Crepe Belted Dress $3,500 at Saks, Haute Hippie Ruffled Silk Cocktail Dress $575 at Saks and Valentino-Rosette Punto Dress $2,390 at Saks

I would wear them with one of these pairs of shoes:


Pure Luxury

From Left to Right: Manolo Blahnik Hangisi $945 at Barneys New York, Jimmy Choo Lancer Crystal-Embellished Suede Sandals$865 at Saks and Stuart Weitxman Bow Sandals $398 at Saks

I was going to add jewelry and accessories, but not today.

However, seeing as I am not a size two and my budget is not one that takes me into Saks or Barneys, I will have to settle for my usual get up, freshly lint rolled to get the tiny golden retriever hair off of it and a double check to make sure the baby has not decorated my clothes with pureed peas or any other less desirable substances.  But you know what?  My life fits me and my family is a luxury many would envy.  I know some of those people who can afford the gorgeous items above would gladly let me walk a mile in their shoes this holiday season.  Just in case I don’t make it back….Happy Holidays to you and yours!!



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Today’s favorite things

I have an adorable 10 month old daughter.  In no way do I want her to get hurt, but I do now that bandages are just a part of growing up.  Just ask my parents who always humored me at my insistence that I needed an ace bandage.  With that said, I think these are a hoot and who doesn’t need a bandage explaining that their injury occurred via ninja fight?   Urban Outfitters has an great selection of sassy bandages.

On the subject of owls, they are my current obsession.  I am sure this will fade like any good obsession, but right now I tend to think cartoon owl things are adorable.  Take for example these.

Another one of my favorite things is photography.  When creatively done, or with a beautiful subject, photography can take my breath away or make me smile.  I recently discovered a Lego a day, an awesome blog where the author combines amazing photogrophay with LEGO.  Does it get any better than that.  Some of my favorite are the mime photos.  Nearly impossible to pick one favorite, but here is one I really enjoy.

"Little did the mime know his day was about to get much worse."

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Aside from world peace and the usual cliche  wishes,  these shoes, some Sephora goodies and the ever popular money (to pay bills) are on my wish list.

I am having fun playing with make up lately (when I get up early enough, and with having a 10 month old, that can be more sporadic than I would like) and have enjoyed playing with muted eyeshadow in grays, browns and/or pinks with fun eyeliner in shades of greens and blues.  Imagine all of the fun I will have with my present from my dear hubby.  Thanks to a somewhat comical turn of events, I know that I will be getting this beauty for Christmas.

Isn't she pretty?

I have always loved mascara and have always considered it to be my number one favorite makeup to wear.  I always dream of having movie star long lashes covered in luxurious mascara.  That is why I am so excited that the other present I have discovered from my husband is this.

Can't wait to bat my lashes covered in this goodness

Currently they are waiting under my fabulously decorated tree (first tree in six years, thanks to my Grinch kitty) waiting to make a grand entrance into my make up drawer.


What is your favorite kind or color of make up.  Any fun tricks I just have to try?  I showed you mine, now share yours!

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Hello My Pretties

Anyone who knows me knows that my love for shoes runs deep.  This weekend I learned that Naturalizer has a new line of shoes that are supposed to be created with natural and eco friendly materials.  That is fantastic and all, but have I mentioned some of them are adorable?  You can find them here.  Not only are they cute, but they look comfortable. and come in all different styles, sizes and widths.  The only downside is they are a bit more expensive.  This is the pair I have been seeing in my dreams. 

I also wouldn’t be sad if these Santa brought me these.  I saw them in action with jeans this weekend and they were adorable.  Much cuter and with a taller heel than the photo shows.

Loving these as well.

Or these, which make me wish I had a the desire to wear skinny jeans to show off their detail.

Santa, you can put my new shoes right next to this stocking

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Finding My Pretty

There are two things in this world that terrify me.  Snakes and being judged.

I am a fun loving, outgoing person who is bold in personality and opinions and I am not afraid to show it.  However hypocritical it may be, it is having the criticism turned to me that terrifies me.  This has led me to avoid several things in my life.  Team sports, theatre and writing just to name a few.  I grew up in a neighborhood of boys with only a few close female friends.  I was just at likely to be found outside throwing a baseball as I was to be inside playing with dolls.

But now I am someone’s mother.  And it is time for me to get over myself and love myself no matter what so that my daughter can grow up confident and comfortable in her skin in a way that I have never been.  It is time for me to gain the confidence I have been lacking for years and put myself out there.  I am going to try this.  By sharing the things that I love, things I hate and the things I think are beautiful.  Hopefully along this journey I will be able to find my pretty.

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